OUTCRY 2016 Is on the Way

Standing in front of a crowd of 10,000 in St Louis it hit me that our dream had come true. After years of praying and dreaming OUTCRY was off of the ground. And our first year was incredible. Our tour traveled almost 8,000 miles to 12 cities. We had 130,000 in attendance our first year. 10,000 saved. Packed out arenas in every city we went. An incredible experience.

One of the most exciting parts of this tour, however, happened backstage. Each evening before we began the night a different group would lead a devotional and some worship. Hillsong United, Crowder, Passion, Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture, Bethel Church, Trip Lee and Lauren Daigle all in the same room. It was a room full of the most influential and creative (not to mention all of my personal heroes) worship leaders in the world having a small group together. A dream come true and in every sense of the word, special.

When we began OUTCRY one of the verses swimming around my head was Psalm 133. In that verse it talks about unity and the oil of anointing hitting the head then running down to the rest of the body. But first being poured out on the head. The leadership.

Something special happens when the influencers and leaders are anointed with the spirit of unity. When they stand together.

That is what we saw at OUTCRY. And we believe that it is just the beginning. Just a small taste of what God has in store for his church. His bride.

I have worked in and with the local church for the last 15 years. Big churches and small churches. Young and old congregations. I’ve seen the amazing moments when people knit their lives to one another and serve Jesus in their cities and communities. I’ve also seen the ugly leadership meetings. The imperfect pastor or the critique from the comment card that always seems to be a bit too personal.

But through it all God has given me a heart for his church and has given me glimpses of his furious love for his bride. No matter how she strays. No matter how much she can improve Jesus continues to love and pursue her.

That is why I am a part of OUTCRY.

Our heart is for the local church. For every church leader or church attendee to know the significance of their local community and Jesus’ great love for his body and bride. That every follower of Jesus plays a significant part of the greatest movement the world has ever seen.

And we are just getting started. OUTCRY is not slowing down or resting until the church hears this message.

Our next year is coming up and we have big announcements coming this month. Stay tuned!


Ryan Romeo
Ryan Romeo lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife, Blake, and their three children. He is a founding member and Creative Director for OUTCRY.

More information at ryanromeo.com
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