Bellevue Baptist Church: Coming together as the church

On the fourth Saturday in October, you’ll see volunteers cleaning up a park in Memphis, then setting up a harvest festival there. You’ll see new Christians being baptized in the county jail. You’ll see church members painting the building of another church in their neighborhood, visiting residents in nearby nursing homes, leading a reading camp […]

First Baptist Church of Nashville: Deep roots, deep commitment to community

First Baptist Church of Nashville’s history is long, and its roots in the city, deep. The church struggled through a number of theological –isms in the mid-1800s, according to its website: Campbellism, which opposed many Baptist practices and viewed baptism as essential to salvation; antimissionism, which opposed organized missions, Sunday school, education ministry and conventions; […]

Castle Rock Community Church: At the ‘messy’ intersection of loving God and loving people

Castle Rock Community Church is located in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans. Specifically, Pastor John Gerhardt said, the church is located at the intersection of “loving God and loving people.” “If I live at that intersection – loving God with all I got and loving people ‘til I drop – then I need […]

River City Community Church: A community recalibrating together

Early one Thursday afternoon in June, about 20 doctoral students from Fuller Theological Seminary gathered in the lobby of River City Community Church in the Humboldt Park neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. They’d come from Pasadena, California, for a weeklong, intensive course and spent the morning touring River City’s space in a renovated […]